Bitcoin / Altcoin Mining Rig Packages

Look at, choose, order, mine, profit. Yeah, it's that easy.

Bitcoin mining is a fad of today's tech world and it's an easy one to get in on. Although it can be a large initial monetary investment, it can pay off in the long run.

Typical Bitcoin (BTC) mining operations take place in one of two ways: in the home, or in a facility. In the home mining consists of a few spare computers running a mining software around the clock or on a schedule, perhaps. Or, more advanced at-home mining operations may have custom built PC's to run their mining software. Mining on a larger scale, in facilities, is using hundreds and possibly even thousands of pre-built mining boxes and run them all in one efficient and safe manner, raking in sheer profit.

So how can you get in on it?

Shop with RHQOnline, of course!

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