Announcement Regarding Shoppe / Services

Sunday, February 12, 2019 10:37 EST

After a while of operating independently with no web presence, RHQOnline has decided to go one step further. We want to be able to interact with customers on a more personal level, and be able to provide our services to as many prospective techies as we can! As you may have noticed by perusing the website as of recent, there have been a lot of updates.

We also have begun exploring Bitcoin / Altcoin mining methods! In the future, we plan to offer hosted mining. You can rent out an online miner and take a profitable part of its share! Risk-free mining! Although we don't have an expected date of release or finalization, it is a goal we're working towards. We've also started exploring the possibilities of selling Bitcoin / Altcoin mining rigs! Currently, we have none in stock. We are working on a redistribution deal with Shark Mining in order to become a verified reseller. Initially, we plan to sell pre-built mining rigs and make necessary modifications to meet customer standards. In the future, when time permits, a workshop dedicated to building, testing, and shipping RHQOnline's custom mining rigs out!

Recent Updates Change-log:

  • Added Store / Customer Area
  • Tidied up the landing area for site (
  • Began Stocking and Setting Store

Expect lots more to come in the near future. We are aiming for a full release sometime very soon, meaning the release of all withheld products and services!

Stay posted!



Rusty, Owner